Meet Cubroid

Cubroid is the world’s easiest coding block set that allows children to explore the robotics world and gain exposure in coding. Through the use of dynamic & wireless connector blocks and simple coding platforms, we offer a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity.

{ Full Package Components }

Get started with our easy-to-assemble coding blocks

{ Cubroid Block Introduction }

6 Modules with various functions

{ Robot Assembly Modules }

Imagine and assemble over 300+ robots with Cubroid

{ Compatibility with other products }

Extend your creativity with Lego®
Cubroid coding blocks are seamlessly compatible with LEGO® products

Compatible with Scratch

{ Cubroid Coding App }

{ Cubroid Tablet Coding App }

{ Cubroid Scratch Programming }

Take your coding to the next level with our intuitive Scratch programming

{ Cubroid Coding Platforms }

3 Level coding platforms

{ Cubroid Workbooks & Play maps }

Cubroid Robot Building & Coding Workbooks

{ Cubroid Education Web Platform }

{ Cubroid Youtube }

{ STEAM education with Cubroid }

Children can improve their knowledge in science, develop their collaboration skills and enhance their creativity in problem solving by using Cubroid products & services.

{ Why Cubroid? }


A set of coding blocks without any visible lines or connecting pins.


Compatible with LEGO®s for creative purposes, so children can innovate without restrictions.


Code and control your robot creations with smart devices.


A creative framework to understand the relationship between software and hardware.


Develop problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, collaboration, and creativity skills through science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the.


Variety of coding platforms for smart devices and the worlds most widely used scratch & python programs to increase education scalability.

{ Cubroid Global Activities }

Cubroid is currently present in 30+ countries! Get in Touch if you would like to partner with us!